Library Card


Library Card Accounts:

·        Residents of Oakland, Carson and Macedonia and rural Pottawattamie County are eligible for library card accounts.

·        Residents of the State of Iowa are eligible to register for a library card account through the State Library’s Open Access System. Residents in cities not participating in Open Access can apply for a non-resident card.

·        Residents of other states are eligible to register for a non-resident library card account, with the applicable fees.  The fee for a non-resident card is $20.00 which will be refunded to the patron after 90 days if the patron’s account is in good standing.

·        A completed application, a valid photo ID and proof of address are required to sign up for a library card account. Acceptable forms of identification and proof of address include:

·         Photo ID

·         Valid driver’s license

·         State issued ID

·         School ID

·         Passport

         Proof of Address

·         Valid driver’s license

·         Recent utility bill (last 30 days)

·         Current rental lease

·         Car registration

·         Mail received at the current address within the last 30 days.



·        Library card accounts are valid for (3) years.

·        Library card accounts can only be set up with the individual present in the library.

·        Those 14 and younger are required to have a guardian’s signature and their guardian must have a current library card in good standing. 

·        By setting up a library card account with the Eckels Memorial Library, an individual accepts full responsibility for the use and return of all materials borrowed on this account.  The individual whose name appears on the account will be charged fees by the Eckels Memorial Library for any items that are lost or damaged during their use by the account holder.

·        The account holder is responsible for updating their contact information with the library.

·        Account holders can maintain full library privileges by returning or renewing materials on or before their due date, paying for lost or damaged items promptly and promptly informing the library of any change in their contact information. 

·        Account holders must be present in order for their account to be used.

·        Parents/guardians are financially responsible for the items checked out on their minor child’s library account.

·        Parents/guardians are responsible for guiding the selection of library materials by their children.